JUQ-775 | Exclusive beautiful actress, "Falling asleep." Whenever she wakes up, she falls asleep... Married woman obscene creampie examination room Perverted doctor's "sleep rape" file 03 Tsumugi Akari

JUQ-775 | Exclusive beautiful actress,
Label: Madonna
Director: Chinpo Dazai

At a class reunion, Tsumugi meets a friend she hasn't seen in a while and they start talking about having a baby, so she goes to a gynecologist to get checked out in preparation for trying to conceive. The doctor in charge is a bespectacled man who calls himself Usami, and after his examination he hands Tsumugi a painkiller and urges her to take it. Apparently, in rare cases, it can have a side effect of making her drowsy... And after Ozawa watches her fall into a deep sleep, he devours her limp lips, licks her body, and inserts his cock into her defenseless pussy. All of this happened without her realizing... but the pleasure she felt at that moment remains in her body even after she wakes up...


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